Wednesday, 4 November 2009

London Blogger Meetup - Paramount

At work I had to tell someone off cos their hair was sticking out from under their hair net and in a food preparation environment, that sort of thing is bad, however, it didn't go well as they pointed out that my hair was sticking out too. So, I've remedied this by having my head shaved.

I'm crap at telling the barber how to cut my hair, always have been, and so I talked myself into having it shaved number two all over. This'll be like the third time in my life I've sported such a hair cut. The first time was in 1995 when I was trying to join the army and then in 1997 when I got cute Genny from my course at uni to cut it.

Every time I underestimate how cold it is without a thick heid of hair.

Anyhoo, London Blogger's meetup the other night, down at Doggett's Coat and Badge, just over the water from Blackfriars. This month sponsored by Paramount Home Entertainment, those lovely people who bring us films such as Indiana Jones, Star Trek and Transformers.

They had raffle prizes of a Transformers skateboard, all of this season's Paramount Home Entertainment releases on DVD and a 32" telly, alas I won none.

Also there was a rather fun talk from Marko Saric about 58 ways to promote your blog, my favourite was (21) "Stop Planning, start blogging". Here's one of Peter Marshall's photos from the evening of me enjoying the talk.

So, as usual with my write-ups of this sort of event, here's a list people I spoke to, with links
  1. TomTiredOfLondon - From TiredOfLifeTireOfLondon its a blog about things to do in London
  2. Nina - Who writes Mapapay Dhow Trips
  3. Aref-Adib - Has a wonderful visual online diary of arty thing in London and lookalikes
  4. Cristiano Betta - On Tech and Life
  5. Mikal D - Aref-Adib, Cristiano and Mikal were chatting about Google Wave, I still have no idea about what it does, how useful it is or how to use it, can it send traffic to my websites?
  6. Hayley - The drummer from Witness to the Beard
  7. Andy Bargery - The Marketing Blagger and organiser of these meetups, some kind of benevolent dictator for life perhaps
  8. Marko - From its a blog about how to blog
  9. Zubyre Parvez - From 'Freedom for China' which collects music and artworks from around the world all expressing a need for China to be free from the Chinese Communist Party's oppressive rule.
  10. John C - I think this the right link, he was called John according to his badge. We didn't chat for long, in fact, "hi" was pretty much the extent of our discourse. He's from
  11. Godwyns - who writes poems at EroticFantasies
  12. Harry Wood - From OpenStreetMap its the Wikipedia of Maps
  13. Selena - She's into social media and meetups
  14. Pete - TheLondoneer
  15. Antony - Fresh Plastic
  16. Tom Flashboy - Haven't spoken to him in ages, and I was on my way out when I spotted him
  17. Kate- who was talking to Tom
And here's a list of people who I saw but didn't speak to
  1. Sheryl - Sartorial Pervert
  2. Andy Roberts - From DistributedResearch
  3. Pete Marshall - My London Diary, neat photography from around the capital
  4. Bruce Bird - the niche market blogger, proving that you can make money from blogging
  5. Miss Geeky
  6. Tiki Chris
  7. Al Robertson - Have seen him around at these meetups for months/years, but never really chatted to him, at this meetup he overheard me talking to FlashTom about naked chicks and indiebands which is the essense of every conversation I've ever had at meetups.
  8. Caroline - From Caroline'sMiscellany
  9. Rachel Clark
I think I've set myself a new personal best record for people I've spoken to at a London Blogger's Meetup. Here's the graph of my progress over the past year or so.
There's still some way to go.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, I am glad you enjoyed the talk!

  2. very articulate blogger meetup record you have... thanks for the mention too.

  3. Yes, you are right, we really didn't get a chance to say much :)
    I hope to see you are the next one.
    Thanks for the mention.