Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Illnesses and troubles for the day include:-

Hurty bit inside my mouth from where I bit my cheek eating Ben and Jerrys at the weekend. There's a bit of swelling and it feels weird.

Sore ass, possibly my tail bone from falling, but I don't remember when, or could be piles, but I'm not sure what that feels like.

Hangover and dizzy spells. Its almost like I'm not here. I'm sat typing and every so often I'll realise I'm tilted to the side.

In other news... trying to sell advertising space on the nuddy site, but have had no interest yet. ooh dizzy spell. Also, trying to find politicy news stories and links to sling on the nuddy site, I've got two, Devils Kitchen moaning about QUANGOS and the new EU Council President and foreign minister. I just need one more link and I can post it

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