Friday, 16 May 2008


Good morning Glasgow.

Here in Brent its all go go go. Weather's overcast, misjudging how warm it is in the office and so, its a bit chilly now.

Looking forward to The Jingle Jangle Country night in town tonight, but not sure if I'm going with anyone or who'll be there, actually, on reflection I might go for ten minutes, sup a pint, get scared and go home. Such is life.

Saturday brings some relaxing cake making during the day, possibly a hangover earlier on, and then in the evening its HDIF at The Phoenix, which is always alark, Adam Smith should be in attendance and crazy Holly too.

Just need to survive today, and stop feeling so awkward talking to people outside of work.


  1. Hello Chris,

    I'm not stalking you but I came across your blog/webcomic/post-it things whilst through reading your Glasgow IndieEyeSpy website- it's a shame you don't write gig reviews any more!

    Do always come and say hello at gigs and things if you're bored - although I'm not promising I have any interesting conversation! I'm not at HDIF or Jingle Jangle this weekend but may well see you at the pic-ernic next weekend, weather permitting!

    Are you coming to see Pocketbooks at Twee as Fuck next Friday?

    Nat (Indie MP3/Pocketbooks-botherer/we-met-properly-at-Bargelife person!)

  2. Hello Nat,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Alas I can't make The Pockeybookey show next week, gotta babysit my niece, but I'll definitely be at the picnic. Rock n roll weekend!!

  3. Hiya Chris,

    I remember now, you also had some photo-thing too next weekend, but you were too shy to talk about it :)
    It's OK...tell me - I won't be shocked!

    Enjoy babysitting....I've got a two year old niece and an eight month old nephew, they're gorgeous and so much fun, but it's always a relief to hand them back :)

    Anyway, this probably isn't the best way to chat is it? My e-mail is if ye fancy chattin' anytime :)

    See youse at the picer-nic anyway, fingers crossed for sunny weather!

    Nat x