Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Blog entry

Crikey, its been months and months since I wrote a proper diaryish blog entry to keep everyone up to date on what I'm up to, so I might as well make a start now when we're really busy at work.

Blazing hot sunshine outside, and I'm indoors procrastinating. Its what I did all Bank Holiday Monday, apart from when I was escaping from flats and moving my car out of restricted parking zones and sat in Borders scribbling pictures and reading to stem the existential anxiety. Who would have thought after all this time an ex-girlfriend could have that affect? Well, according to the spreadsheet, it happens all the time.

Still going to lots of gigs, but with the huge rent of my new flat I'm thinking I ought to cut down on that sort of thing. However, in an effort to bond with my flatmates, me and Alec went out to a comedy club thing last night, sadly there were only six people there so it was abandoned, with the promoter urging us to come and see Richard Herring and a few weeks time.

On Friday I'm going to the cinema with a girl wot I met recently in real life, rather than folk who I've know for years off of the internet/Glasgow/British live music scene. It is possible.

A bit of a rock n roll weekend in a few week's time, I gotta baby sit the wean on the Friday, then drive up north on Saturday for a photo shoot, then back to London on Sunday for a picnic. Its the way summer's supposed to be.

So I finished up the nuddy site on the internet, rather proud of the final hit count, peaking above Devil's Kitchen (mainly cos he'd been distracted) and roughly above Bowlie, in terms of reach, cos Bowlie's slowly winding down. The self-moderation thing that got me back onboard, doesn't seem to be suiting everyone as some folk aren't able to moderate their own posts. I guess DK hasn't the time and the inclination to keep us from bickering, so he's closing of bits and pieces, comments and pm mailboxes. We only have a few weeks left of holding each other tightly and noting down contact details.

It was weird for the last few weeks of nuddy drawings, comments and coverage from other sources and some degree of legitimacy. If only I'd embraced the porous membrane earlierI could have skipped to another square of the chessboard. Life's like that.

Boris Johnson won the mayoral election, but it seems most of the people I associate wth socially are strictly anti-Boris. Fifteen years back, at school my nickname was Boris, after Boris Karloff, even the teachers used to call me it, so it makes me feel really uncomfortable when folk bicker about the mayor. I didn't even vote for him. I briefly thought about emailing Zee, seeking someone who might remember or understand my plight. But the smacks of desperation kept me away.

Does that cover everything? Who are these people searching google for my blog? What are they seeking, re-affirming their insecurities, or a shadowy discussion in a chat far away, safe in the knowledge that without a direct link I can only speculate.

My heart is pure and I'm seeking only love and to spread the wee bit of happiness as I can. I have nothing to fear, apart from failure.

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