Sunday, 13 October 2013

Thick Creamy Podcast 12-10-2013

Here's the twenty-third Thick Creamy Podcast, this time featuring nine tracks from four awesome bands recorded live at three great gigs.

The podcast features tracks from:-
Giant Burger
Council Tax Band
Left Leg
Victories at Sea
The Chickenwing Allstars

So aye, it was weeks and weeks ago, at the start of September that I staggered to Dalston and that lovely venue, Power Lunches to catch the mighty might Giant Burger band. I follow them on twitter, not entirely sure why, but they nice people who make pleasant music.

Puffer at The Shacklewell Arms
There were a few other bands on the bill that night, the Council Tax Band, Left Leg and Care. Of those three, I think Council Tax Band were my favourite.

Two weeks later I was back in Dalston, this time at The Shacklewell Arms.

The Vuvuvultures at The Shacklewell Arms
It was my first time at the place, it was a little confusing, the chap working the door to the venue seemed to only start letting people in after the first band had started, so there were only five or so people in the audience for Puffer, a heavy thrashy sort of band.

After them were a mob down from Birmingham called Victories at Sea. They had lots of high tech equipment, keyboards and synths. I liked them, but sometimes I fear that I just get seduced by backing tracks and wibbly effects.

Headlining the night were the Vuvuvultures, who are the most awesome band I've seen in this decade. Last time I'd seen them play live was at The Lexington in May last year. They were lovely.

The Chickenwing Allstars at The Birkbeck Tavern
And were even kind enough to let me know the set list after the gig so I could markup my bootleg recordings properly.

Finishing off the podcast is two tracks from a gig I was at last night, the Chickenwing Allstars playing at The Birkbeck Tavern in Leytonstone.

I'd last seen them at a festival thing in Brixton. It was nice to see them in a more intimate venue. They play reggae dub jazz soul, and a pleasant cover of The Prodigy's Out of Space.

Its not often you get to hear trombone with dub reverb.

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