Sunday, 22 September 2013

Thick Creamy Podcast 28-09-2013

Here's the twenty-second Thick Creamy Podcast, four awesome bands recorded live at the Skins party thing at Proud Camden in London.

Bloomer at Proud Galleries in Camden, August 2013
The podcast features tracks from Fulhast, Bloomer, The Understudies and Cosines

Sadly I missed most of the first band of the night, Fulhast, but I've seen him before countless times, he's awesome. It was one of those situations where you know you need to leave the house to get somewhere in time, but there's just one more thing you need to check online, then you can't find your tape recorder, and your camera isn't where you think it is, then when you actually get to the right part of time there's no where to park the car, and you think maybe you should have gotten the tube, but then you'd be even later, so you should have left earlier.

And that's why I missed most of his set.

The Understudies at Proud Galleries in Camden, August 2013
If you love lo-fi guitar and Gameboy backing tracks, you'll love Fulhast. I like his songs about getting on with life after breaking up with your girlfriend. There's a time in everyone's life...

Next up were the mighty Bloomer, who were noisy and guitary, which is nice. The first time I saw them, a few days earlier at the Night of the Triffids All-Dayer, I wasn't too convinced, but they're starting to grow on me.

Also, their latest release 'Back to the shadows' is on purple and lilac cassette.

Its always good to see The Understudies, which was lucky as they were playing.

Cosines at Proud Galleries in Camden, August 2013
Headlining the night were Cosines, who I've seen play live pretty frequently over the last year or so. It always hard to chose which track of theirs to put on the podcast, the storming one which everyone dances to, the one with amusing lyrics and the video with sailors, the one with a sixties wig-out ending, the one I put on a previous podcast, the latest single?

This time I've chosen by throwing a dart at iTunes and picking whichever one it hits.

Its possible to subscribe to these Thick Creamy Podcasts on iTunes so they download automagically every time I put up a new one. Simply go into the 'Advanced' menu in iTunes, click 'Subscribe to Podcast' and then paste in this rss feed

and that should give you all the podcasts, forever.

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