Sunday, 21 August 2011

Man shouts in street

Last night there was a bit of shouting out in the street

Thrilling stuff, I'm sure you'll agree. Not quite up to the same levels of mass civil disorder that we've come to expect in London, just shouting.

I like to think that the chap with the crutches has discovered some kind of conspiracy, possibly involving an internation crime syndicate and corruption that strikes at the very heart of Waltham Forest's civic elite, who have since conspired to bring him down and silence him.

"No one wants to know! Watch now, watch now."

Rather than just an ill and paranoid gentleman who neglected to take his medication, making his way home.

He's probably right, that no one does want to know. But I'm less sure about his warning to watch now, watch now. I watched the street for another twenty minutes or so, and nothing out of the ordinary occurred. Maybe he meant I have to watch over a longer time, and in the next few days there'll be something I should have watched out for.

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