Thursday, 11 August 2011

Demographics of the rioters

The other day, during the riots of London, I created a Venn diagram to promote my theory that the folk rioting were doing so for a whole load of different reasons and were from a whole load of demographic groups. I used pretty colours.
Then yesterday and today, the courts started processing people who'd been caught by the police and the demographics started to get fleshed out, some were in their 30s, some were teachers and some were middle class. So I opened me a spreadsheet and started logging, ages and occupations.
Cos I like visualising data, I thought I'd put together a distribution chart of the ages of people who'd been charged.
Currently the average age of a rioter charged is 23.4 and the median age is 20, that is to say that half the rioters are over twenty and half are under.
Anyhoo, this kind of demographic analysis is really important.

What's the point of re-opening youthclubs closed by government cuts, if it turns out that most of the folk charged are too old to go to youth clubs. Similarly, what's the point of changing laws to withhold state benefits from rioters, if it transpires that a large chunk of them are middle class folk who don't claim benefits. These councils and MPs pledging to evict rioters from social housing, what if it transpires that a great chunk don't live in social housing.

The government, parliament and councils can't really do anything useful to affect rioter's lives without knowing more about them.

Anything else if just pushing forward their own agenda's and biases.

Not to say there's owt wrong with the government taking the opportunity to push forward their own agenda, that's what they were elected to do in the first place any way.

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