Thursday, 2 December 2010

Tim Haynes, Ian Puddick and Guy Carpenter

There was a banner up on a footbridge in London this morning, it bore a web address and there resides a tale of conspiracy, police corruption and marketing.
It seems a chap called Ian Puddick, who is some kind of media/marketing person for a plumbing company discovered his wife was having an affair with a chap called Tim Haynes, the Head of Aviation Reinsurance for Guy Carpenter, they are a leading global reinsurance intermediary. He wasn't too happy about this so he told his wife to stop that, and get moved to a different division of the company. Tim told the wife to lie to her husband, so Ian starts phoning up other directors of the company, the whole thing snowballs and Tim finds himself getting arrested by anti-terror police and subject to various orders censoring the use of Tim Hayne's name.
I reckon the calling of them the anti-terror police is a bit of a red-herring, cos the serious crime squad were merged with the anti-terrorism unit by the last government, so any 'serious crime' is now handled by the anti-terror police. Calling himself a plumber is a bit of spin too.
Anyhoo, there's a bit of a civil liberties and police in the pocket of big corporations angle. It'll come out in court on 13th December.

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  1. It will all come out in the wash ! Google operation bohan it's the name of the operation used by city of London police counter terrorism directorate, they worked in partnership with global private investigations company Kroll whom obtained court orders to tap and monitor phones.
    Apparantly a helicopter was requested for my arrest, all freedom of info requests have been declined as to sensitive for public interest.
    Senior detectives have confirmed in a police interview that there is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH, even if what you say is true if it upsets someone. The name of the person bringing the charge is protected and censored to protect him from the press.