Friday, 31 December 2010

My year in review

Living in Sudbury working in a sandwich factory, either sweeping floors or checking quality of deliveries and produce.
Stopped getting deeper in debt.
Bobby McGees, Would-Be-Goods, Tender Trap - The Buffalo Bar 
Xbox 360 died of red ring of death
Matthew Williams, Chris Taylor, MJ Hibbett - The Lamb
Almost got a job with Jaguar, well, went for an interview, performed pretty poorly really. The incident with my self-esteem a little, proving that I was made of better stuff than just factory floor sweeper, not but quite polished enough to get back into the manufacturing test engineering game.
Wonderful World of Cactapuss, Sangeeta, This Is Munich - Nottinghill Arts Club
Tracey Campbell, Rare Groove - Electrowerkz 
The Loves, The Mai 68's, King and The Olive Fields, Funsize Lions - Jamm
The School, Allo Darlin, Pagan Wanderer Lu - The Bush Hall
Quit working at the sandwich factory
Moved to a cold four bedroom semidetached house in Wembley Park
Chocolate Barry, Mr Wright - The Buffalo Bar
Keith Top of the Pops, Superman Revenge Squad, Fighting Cocks, MJ Hibbett - The Lamb
Moved to North Wembley, to a former old people's home, nearer to my attractive young ladyfriend
Started work at a road working depot in Enfield, hour long commute every morning, hour and a half commute every evening.
Vic Godard, The Hardy Boys - The Buffalo Bar 
Started learning to program in perl and Python again.
Stars of Aviation, Moustache of Insanity, The Werewandas, Tracey's Love - Jamm
Blasted Mechanism - Westbourne Studios
Transpersonals, Witness to the Beard, What's Your Vice - Camden Rock 
Wrote a really neat strategy game in perl, and then wrote a personal finance suite in perl too, and spent much of the month entering all my bank statements.
Camden Calling vs Heavy Load, The Priscillas, Malcolm Kaksois, Hughmans, The Camden Calling Collective - The Enterprise
Gronk and the Body Doubles - The Fox and Duck
Allo Darlin, The Smittens, Antarctica Takes It!! - The Luminaire
Last time I posted on the Anorak forum
Lucky Soul, The School, The Lodger - Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen
Went to Finland on holiday
Knitted a cluster puff hat in a day
Started music career again
Gave up on music career again
Moved to Walthamstow, fifteen minute commute to and from work every day, joy!
Celebrated two year anniversary with my attractive young ladyfriend
Winston Echo, Pete Green, MJ Hibbett - The Lamb
Acquired sofa and bed, and perhaps more importantly: acquired an original Xbox
Spoke to mother for first time this year
Snap Elect, The Plimptons, Dignan Porch, Butter - The George Tavern
The Soul Rebels Brass Band - The Royal Festival Hall
The Soul Rebels Brass Band - Oliver's Music Bar
Became 32 years of age, apparently this makes my jowls more noticeable and also increases my resemblance to a pot-bellied pig, however, was rather pleased that Facebook didn't change their privacy settings on my birthday, and thus allowed friends to send their greetings, self-esteem sky-rocketed, thanks guys.
Darren Hayman - Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre
Fuzzystar, Hexicon, Moustache of Insanity, The Crowbar - The Wilmington Arms
Andy From Pocketbooks, Chris T-T, MJ Hibbett - The Lamb

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