Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Antithesis of Fake-Charities

There was an article in the Guardian today about Help for Heroes, the £100m charity that started three years back with some couple doing a charity bike-ride.

I found myself wondering what charitable thing I could do to make the world a better place. Other than slaving away at my job and donating, other than getting friends and family to sponsor me for doing what I would otherwise do for free, what could I do?

How about this a website with a questionnaire, and after you fill it in, it suggests a range of charities you could donate to that matches your personal preferences, also "other people with similar preferences to yours recommend these charities". You'd get to tick boxes matching the charities you approve of.

Furthermore, so you want to donate £50, this website would divide that money appropriately.

To start with would be a short fallible list of charities, that are somehow tagged by geographic area, reach and what their constituency is, and to what degree they receive funding from the state, or voluntary donations or corporate donations.

Small charities could get more exposure and more donations by their donors being enthusiastic, and 'sticky'.

Some part of the algorithm could be biased in favour of small or 'struggling' charities, I dunno, some kind of flip side to the fake charities thing.


  1. maybe you could sell the idea to HMRC / Clegg and have a website which allocates your taxes to areas of Govt expenditure that you agree with

  2. Such matters are too important to be handed to government