Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Orange Desires

Its phone upgrade time with my Orange account, I've been packing a Blackberry Curve for the best part of two years, its served me well, all those gig reviews written and posted from the back of the room, Twitter and Facebook.

But technology has moved on and the 'berry Curve is an anachronism. I need GPS, I need real-time positioning and navigation for FourSquare. I need 3G for YouTube video streaming, I need a full size browser.

All these things are almost my reach with the HTC Desire, the Orange website says I can get it, but alas they're out of stock.

Moan moan bloody moan, its all I ever do.

I've been checking the Orange website regularly, every day for about two months now, and the HTC Desire is always out of stock.

Jesus Christ, I've worked in electronics manufacturing, things can't be out of stock for that long. These things take five minutes to assembly, if its out of stock, they can make new one's in the time it takes me to write this blogpost.

If there's a parts shortage you can modify the design and retest the product in a week, in a day even for minor changes and the get stock levels back up again.

What's the problem here? Is Orange about to go bust cos they and HTC can't manage their supply chain? The Desire has been out for months and months, any supply problems should have been resolved months ago. Bah!

Tom off of the internet tells me that HTC are launching a new product tomorrow, possibly the HTC Desire HD (with LED flash) so perhaps Orange and other retailers are running their stocks down.

That's no good for me though, I just want a regular HTC Desire, nothing new or fancy, not High Definition or any fancy pants, just the same Desire as everyone else.

So do I wait and see if the new HTC Desire HD is one of my free upgrade options, do I change providers to Vodaphone or T-Mobile and get one of their Desires or do I stick with Orange and upgrade to some other phone which isn't the one I want?
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  1. don't check the internet. Call them - now or phone round a few shops.