Saturday, 18 September 2010

Knitting project #15 - Cluster puff hat

When I was in Finland recently I was taught how to crochet. Whenever I'd tried it in the past I'd gotten stuck at the end of the first row, no idea how to double back to do subsequent rows.

But now I have the power, the mad leet crochet skillz.

So I made a Cluster puff hat.

I guess it looks a little bit gay, but I was kinda going for the twenty-something stoner look.

Here's a wee vieo that shows you how to make it.

Whilst it may look like there's a ghostly figure of an elderly person praying on a chair behind me, I took this photo when I was on my own in my flat in an former old-people's home. Its probably just the way my laundry's heaped up on the chair, rather than an actual ghost caught on camera.

1 comment:

  1. no - that's definitely a white-haired old person on the green armchair, wearing glasses and a green cap?