Thursday, 5 August 2010

Social housing for life

I don't own a dog, I image if I did I'd have to give it shelter, feed it, take it for walks, take it to the vet, that sort of thing. Aw man, it would take up so much of my time. Dog owners puzzle me, don't they have lives of their own? Things that they want to get on with?

Since I move out of my parent's place at the age of eighteen in 1997, I've lived in eleven different places in two cities, mostly flatshares, sometime with friends, sometimes complete strangers, the cheapest available on, sometimes in condemned blocks through a guardian agency. I hate moving house, its hassle I don't need, but sometimes due to funds or work or social life, I have to move.

Yesterday David Cameron was in the news suggesting social housing tenents shouldn't have homes for life. What sort of house could home, a childless couple, then a couple with a baby, then a couple with several young kids, then a couple with teenagers then a couple with no kids living with them? Some kind of elastic house that stretches and contracts perhaps. Or for those with no aspirations of having a family, what kind of jobs last for more than five years without paying enough to move to a fancier pad?

What I mean is why would you want the same house for life? Other than because its cheap, because its subsidised by the UK taxpayer plc. Its getting something for nothing.

There's no such thing as a free lunch, except if you're a goldfish.
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