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Thick Creamy Podcast 30-04-2013

Here's the eighteenth Thick Creamy Podcast, three bands recorded live from the Fortuna Pop night at The Bull and Gate in Kentish Town.

The podcast features tracks from The Fireworks, Cosines and The Understudies.

Sadly I missed most of the first band of the night, The Listening Party, they played loud and with great gusto, they certainly sounded like they were having fun.

The Fireworks in a introspective moment
The second band up were The Fireworks, who were wonderful. Its been about a year since I last saw them, a richer tapestry of sounds, fuzz and feedback with more introspective moments.

Then there were Cosines who were lovely. At this point I find myself asking is an individual member of the band called a Cosine? Who's your favourite Cosine? etc.

As I become more familiar with their songs favourites bubble to the top, I loved the crazy wigout end to the first song in the set, and third song along 'Commuter Love' is a classic.

I've just finished reading this book about post-punk music and the music DIY culture of the early 1980's and I wonder, why aren't bands like The Fireworks and Cosines a lot bigger and more successful, I mean, how long should it take?

And finally were The Understudies who were great, this was the first time I'd seen them since the lineup change, and you know, I think its a bit of an improvement. Although I've seen them play live countless times (well, six times according to Songkick) this was the first time I've really listened to them and they're better than I previously thought. Now the tunes stick in your mind, and the snapshots of contemporary life, are filled with humour, sadness, pathos, and dreams.

I think my favourite Understudies track is 'A Girl I Used To Muck About With'. It sounds like snowfall in Worsley Woods in 1996.

Sometimes I want to chomp a cigar and march up to band and demand the let me out their record out. Then I remember what happened last time, and think perhaps not.

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