Sunday, 10 July 2011

Fitness Regime: Summer begins

The other weekend I was at a cousin's wedding in Dumfries, the weather was glorious, the family were in fine form and the bride look beautiful, but looking through various photies online, someone seems to have replaced all the photos of me with some kind of freakish photoshopped version where I'm all fat and double-chinned, kind of like my collar is the neck of a toothpaste tube, and my head is oozing out.

I used to be slender, you remember that, I blogged about it and everything.

So, its back onto the crosstrainer for me, as soon as I got back from Dumfries in fact.

So as is my wont, I've graphed my progress so far.
After one week, well, I'm doing better than my winter and spring fitness regimes. Usually I ease myself into the regime, just doing short distances for the first day or two, then taking another day or two off, to let my body adjust, but this time, I'm not allowing myself that luxury, and I'm going full-on, 10.5km every night.

Hopefully by the time I finish this tranche of cross-training in thirty days time, I'll have covered twice the distance of my previous attempts. I'll be so buff, I'll have single-handedly defused the UK's obesity timebomb.

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