Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My next scheme

I recently finished reading John Robb's book, The North will rise again: Manchester Music City (1977-1996). Its a collection of dozens of interviews with 'Manchester's proudest sons', all cut up and arranged in some kind of chronological and genre order. I found it refreshing and eye-opening: most books I've read on Manchester just cover Factory or The Smiths, but this one covers a longer time frame and black music as well as white.

It finishes just when I discovered music in Manchester in my own lifespan.

Anyhoo, long term readers of of this blog will remember my aborted project 'Glasgow Indie Eyespy: The Movie'. Churning out the script/treatment thing was quite a satisfying experience for a few weeks, but it was pretty futile in the end.

As Inuit Panda Scarlet Carwash points out "it could more appropriately be entitled The Life and Opinions of Christopher Gilmour, Gentleman", rather than the historical documenting of the Glasgow indie scene 1997 to 2009.

Maybe I could follow John Robb's template and just interview other people, then edit and compile, and spool it off as an e-book for $3 on Kindle or something.

I'd start off by interviewing folk I know and am vaguely in contact with, like the various Smiths, and then as they name-drop I pick up and paint more of the picture.

Alas, I'm 422 miles away so interviewing wouldn't be so easy. An alternative would be emailing and blogging, the questions and interviews.

Two questions:-
Can I be arsed?
Can my 'interviewees' be bothered writing it for me?

Actually, scratch that I don't think I can do it.

In my head I'd be chatting to Paul McDermot, or Smiths like Adam, Martin, Rowan and Iain, trying to get the history of the Owsley Sunshine out of Joe Kane and track down Jez from The Nova Express. But to actually write the damned thing, I'd need to be speaking to St. John McEwan from the Yummy Fur, Stevie Jackson, Stephen Pastel and Alex Kapranos from Franz, and I just can't do it. I come over all hot and bothered just standing in the same room as these people. This one time I had to run out of Mono cos Pastel was working the counter, and just last week I had to leave a gig early cos the Kapranos was stood next to me.

Then again, I am an established author, I've written booked before, I have a track record.

Hmm, gah, self-doubt.

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